Impact Investing and Innovations in Job and Wealth Creation, Social Finance, Philanthropy and Crowdfunding Gathering In Houston

Conzortia CEO to speak at Houston gathering of economic development experts, venture capitalists and social media technology experts.

Crowdfunding Experts Meet In Houston

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) September 20, 2013

A historic event is coming to Houston that will discuss & disect the capital needs of our growing global economy. Current thinking on the inventions of global and electronic currencies, the creation of new financial institutions, the development of new products and services related to mortages, pensions, and mutual funds will be presented, as will thoughts on impact investing – investments made to generate measurable social and environmental impact.

Session titles include:

  • Social Finance – cutting edge topics in mobilizing private capital, talent and innovation dedicated to tackling social, health, environmental and human service problems for the public good.
  •    Crowd Sourced Funding Update – incentive and equity-based crowd funding, the 2012 JOBS Act and the role of SEC-registered funding portals.
  •    Crowdfunding Success Patterns –the “Ultimate To-Do List Before You Launch”
  • The Role of Incubators, Accelerators, CoWorking Spaces and Startup Boot Camps – model projects for entrepreneurship and business start-ups and the resources offered by them.


The event will be Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at the United Way Center for Philanthropy, Volunteerism and Leadership in Houston. It is sponsored by the MBA Council of Houston, the Columbia University Club of South Texas and the Center for CREATIVE Enterprise in Houston.

The cost is $50 which includes dinner and refreshments. For further information, including itenerary, and to register, visit

Conzortia CEO to Speak at CfPA Annual Crowdfunding Forum

Robert Dobyns, Founder & CEO of Conzortia Business Funding, Inc., to Speak at CfPA’s 2nd Annual Crowdfund Investing Innovation Forum

(PRWEB) August 01, 2013

The Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA), the leading trade organization for the Crowdfunding industry, is pleased to announce that Robert Dobyns, the founder & CEO of Conzortia Business Funding, Inc., will be speaking at CfPA’s 2nd Annual Crowdfund Investing Innovation Forum on August 8-9, 2013 in Orlando, FL.

Robert Dobyns is a pioneer in the crowdfunding space who runs a suite of niche crowdfunding platforms.

“We are thrilled to have Robert join us as a speaker at this year’s event,” said Luan Cox, Founder of Crowdnetic and Co-producer of this year’s event. “As someone who crowdfunded his first business years before anyone ever heard the term crowdfunding, and grew it to over $1.5 million in annual sales, Robert brings valuable insight to the discussions.”

CfPA’s 2nd Annual Crowdfund Investing Innovation Forum will feature a powerful lineup of presentations, interactive panel discussions as well as an exhibit hall comprised of leading and emerging crowdfinancing portals. The discourse will spark change, challenge and debate conventional thinking and unleash new perspectives in the pursuit of real solutions. A complete list of presenters can be seen at

About the Crowdfunding Professional Association

CfPA is dedicated to facilitating a vibrant, credible and growing Crowdfunding community while advocating for an industry view versus a single company perspective. Uniting a broad-based coalition of industry participants, the association is committed to ensuring the credible development of the industry, including a commitment to the highest ethical standards. To learn more visit

New Website Crowdfunds Mission Trips and Conzortia help the “called’ to fulfill their mission by helping fund Christian missions

   Fundraising for mission trips

Crowdfunding Mission Trips

with missionaries can use the power of the internet and social media to fuel their fund raising efforts

(PRWEB) June 18, 2013

“Harnessing the power of crowd funding for good is what is all about”, says Robert Dobyns, founder & CEO of Conzortia Business Funding, Inc., the website’s owner. “We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of unsaved individuals & their families and in the lives of those who feel called to reach out to the lost.” allows Christians who need to raise funding for an upcoming mission trip to post their fundraising project on the website and permits friends, relatives and other individuals to help fund their mission trip by donating money.

“Caring individuals often find themselves called to help in reaching out to the lost by building a Christian orphanage or assisting in a third world country with Christian medical clinics or emergency relief efforts, but may not be financially able to “go” as they are led by Christ. Transportation costs, housing, food and other necessities are quite often expensive, totaling thousands of dollars. Having a means to raise funding for such noble causes has been very limited in the past, usually to face-to-face interactions or letters to acquaintances. Now with missionaries can use the power of the internet and social media to fuel their fund raising efforts.”, Dobyns stated. “It is absolutely free to list on the site.”

To list a mission trip project on the site or to make a donation to mission projects, visit

My Pointers # 4 – IGNORE NAYSAYERS

IGNORE NAYSAYERS – The one doing *it* is usually passing up the one who says it can’t be done.

This is especially true if your concept is new or unique. Avoid people who “don’t get it”. You know ahead of time who they are, so don’t go to them for validation of your concept or for encouragement in your pursuits.

When I was a kid a kid I used to watch a cartoon, The Adventures Of Gulliver.

The gang was always getting into one situation or another that required considerable effort in order to prevail. In the picture above, see the short, pudgy fellow? His name is Glum. His recurring tagline in every difficult spot? “We’ll never make it!” Yet they always did. Glum was wrong.

Do you have Glums in your life? Love them. BUT don’t rely on them for encouragement for your goals. Find a mentor that will encourage and guide you in the right direction and give you honest, reliable feedback.

Apply yourself! You CAN do it!


Got that bangup idea?

GET STARTED IMMEDIATELY – Whatcha waiting for? Perfection? The right time?

There will never be a right time… The planets will never be aligned perfectly for your endeavor. The stars will not all shine brightly together.

The best you can hope for is to launch when there is the most going for you and the least resistance against you. Not what you wanted to hear, I’m sure, but truth is truth.

Fact is, if you are so meticulous that everything must be perfect to launch your product, project or idea, then you are not an entrepreneur. At best, you are a very good employee and any real entrepreneur would love to have you on their team!

Entrepreneurs are adventurous, risk takers. They don’t leap without assessing the risk but in spite of the risk (and have a backup plan or are ready to pivot, if necessary).

Are you a real entrepreneur? Get started!

That Bastard!

No more! Crowdfunding’s daddy steps up!

It was a dirty word, spoken in far off corners by those illicit “entrepreneurs” & “artists” (or some would say “con artists”) who were trying to sneak off with poor souls’ hard-earned cash, never to be heard from again……..crowdfunding.

The legitimacy of the crowdfunding industry and those who use its platforms has been questioned time & again and its methods & methodologies beaten & bashed from one end of the internet to the other by skeptics, analysts (notice the root word here?) and naysayers.

Those individuals and businesses listing projects were buffeted & ridiculed as schemers and dreamers.

Until these last couple of weeks…

So, what has changed? Corporate America has sprinkled water on & blessed the infant industry:

  • A&E Network has partnered with RocketHub to provide PR and help facilitate backing via its Project Startup initiative. A&E is owned by Disney. (Does that mean that crowdfunding is still considered a Mickey Mouse proposition?)
  • KickStarter had a project that won an Oscar in the Short Film category.
  • Google has purchased a significant portion of P2P lender Lending Club
  • And the deal that Trumps them all…. The Donald has jumped on board with his launch of reward-based crowdfunding platform, FundAnything, using his gorgeous profile, stylish coiffure and powerful name in the finance community to propel crowdfunding into the mainstream.

Prediction? Ousted Groupon CEO, Andrew Mason, will soon join the funder bus and launch or at least become a major investor in a crowdfunding player. I think, however, he will fall on the equity side of the model, realizing it to be the disrupting force in the finance industry and the one with the greatest potential for both economic good and economic gain. Andy….call me…

Social Media Matrix Official Launch At SXSW

Conzortia Business Funding, Inc. Primary Investor In Tootzie, A Revolutionary New Social Marketing Technology
  7x7 Social Media Marketing Matrix - Tootzie

7×7 Social Media Matrix – Tootzie

Billions of people worldwide are now engaged on social media sites. Cutesy family pictures are shared on Facebook. Urgent posts are tweeted out on Twitter. Business connections are gleaned on LinkedIn. And now, social media marketing is not only allowed, but is at the crux of, ‘toots’ on Tootzie.

December 22nd marked the launch of – the 7×7 Social Media Matrix. Next week, Tootzie celebrates its official launch at South By Southwest Interactive In Autin, Texas.

What is Tootzie’s model? By simply agreeing to receive 7 daily messages (one from each of your 7 direct upline), you will have the privilege of sending to the entire 7×7 matrix that your group builds beneath you – a potential of over 960,000 contacts. And you don’t have to be a rock star or drunken Hollywood mogul to build this huge social media following. They call it “Social media marketing for the common man.”

Tootzie uses the power of crowdsourcing to build a beneficial marketing model for all concerned. No more slaving to build an online following. If you build it (and promote it) they will come, because Tootzie is free to join and free to use.

“It’s kind of like Facebook and Twitter on steroids,” reflects Robert Dobyns, Tootzie’s creator and CEO of Conzortia Business Funding, Inc. “Traditional social media venues require you to build your following slowly, one-by-one. Tootzie uses the power of media stratification to form a cumulative base for all members to utilize.”

“The old adage, ‘If you give others what they want, they’ll give you what you want’ is the model that predicates the process. By simply allowing seven other persons  access to you, you gain exponential access to the matrix below you,” Dobyns continued.

“It’s a truly ingenious model that changes the face of social media access & online marketing as we know it”, Dobyns states. “Other notable social media sites have run into trouble and even open rebellion when trying to introduce marketing into their model, because it was not built into the community from the start. Because Tootzie is born out of the desire to assist social marketers with their mission, social marketing will not only be excused, it is embraced by the community of like-minded individuals.”

The premise behind Tootzie’s model? “The old adage, “it’s who you know that counts”, is wrong,” Dobyns declares. “It’s not who YOU know… It’s who THEY know. This access allows you to compound your marketing efforts and promote yourself and your ideas to a previously unreachable base. How much money would you have to spend to gain access to hundreds of thousands of persons? With Tootzie, not only is this possible, there is no cost.”

Who can benefit from Tootzie? “Think ‘reach’,” Dobyns replied. “Any person or organization that wants to expand its influence beyond the typical few hundred ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ on other social media platforms. Non-profits, artists, musicians, businesses, networkers – anyone interested in improving their current positioning in the social realm.”

Dobyns, know as ‘Big Toot’ on the site, believes that Tootzie fills a gap in the current social media eco-system. “Certainly, Grandma is welcome to create a profile on Tootzie. By all means, bring it, Sister… But ultimately, Tootzie is about ‘social media marketing for the common man’ and that is where our focus is.”

The goal for 2013? “We’re positioning ourselves for 2,000,000 members by year’s end,” Dobyns predicted.

To learn more about Tootzie or to register for free, visit

Ohio Teen Entrepreneur Gets Angel Investments To Launch Business

13 Year Old Entrepreneur Begins Business To Raise Funds To Provide UnMentionables For The Homeless With Assistance from Conzortia
13 Year Old Entrepreneur Raises Funds To Provide UnMentionables For The Homeless

13 Year Old Entrepreneur Launches Business To Raise Funds To Provide UnMentionables For The Homeless

Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) February 20, 2013

UnMentionables is a bath & body company created by Camryn Main, 13, of Marysville, Ohio.

UnMentionables is a socially aware company with all-natural personal care products. Their pleasing products contain no toxins and are made using all-natural scents.

The company is making a difference, giving back to the community by using 10% of their profits to buy undergarments that are then distributed to homeless shelters/clothing closets all around Ohio. “Most clothing closets are filled by donating used clothing items,” Camryn emphasized. “Undergarments are usually in scarce supply, since these must be new in order to  be supplied to those who need them. UnMentionables seeks to fill that void. UnMentionables ultimate mission is to help people in need get clean, brand new undergarments such as socks, underwear, boxers, and bras. When people donate clothes they don’t often think about donating undergarments so that’s where we come in.”

Social responsibility runs in the family. Camryn’s brother, Hart Main, started his Man-Cans soup can candle business when he was just 13 and has provided over 30,000 meals for the homeless through his endeavor.

Camryn believes that UnMentionables will be a huge success as well. “We’re entering a huge marketplace filled with socially aware consumers,” Camryn explained. “Our natural products meet a need in the personal care products space. They offer us the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those who purchase them and for them to make a difference in the lives of the homeless.”

For now, UnMentionables is being sold only at parties. The parties consist of guests sampling unscented products, perusing the line of available scents and then purchasing  the finished products with their chosen scents added on the spot. “They walk out the door with their custom product in hand,” Camryn beamed. “The ladies love it! Later we hope to expand our product line and open a web store for online purchasing.”

Camryn is currently running a funding-raising campaign on to acquire expansion funding for her business. To date, Crowdfunding Kids has helped her raise $600 and she has met her initial funding goal. She has 4 days remaining on her crowdfunding campaign.

A large portion of the startup costs for UnMentionables include the design and printing of unique packaging labels for each of the products, purchasing of raw materials for creating an inventory for parties, containers for each product, and design and printing of marketing material and order forms.

To help Camryn in her crowdfunding  campaign or learn more about UnMentionables, visit Helps Fund the American Dream

 Conzortia launches site focused on crowd funding solution for immigrants Helps Provide The American Dream

Crowdfunding Citizenship Helps Provide The American Dream

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) January 30, 2013

The U.S. Senate is working heartily to revamp immigration legislation to provide citizenship opportunities to an estimated 11 million individuals now residing here illegally. It is assumed that this legislation will become a reality by this summer. Opportunity alone, however, will not allow these prospective citizens to move from their current ‘illegal’ status to a ‘legal’ position. It will require attorneys, proofs and document filings, all of which cost money.

“These individuals are going to need cold, hard cash to make their American dream into a reality. I can think of no better use of crowdfunding methodologies, than to provide an opportunity like this to the masses,” Robert Dobyns, CEO of Conzortia Business Funding, Inc. stated. Conzortia has just launched as a focus site to make individuals aware that crowdfunding is a viable option for funding their citizenship bid. connects people with Conzortia’s Fund My Wish initiative to provide the software platform to launch individual’s crowdfunding projects.

“There are tens of millions of immigrants in our country who have already experienced the benefits of citizenship. I believe that these people will want to reach out to help those who are struggling financially in order to achieve their similar dream”, Dobyns continued. offers free project listings for crowdfunding efforts.

Crowdfunding Cruise 2013 In The News




I was interviewd by Molly Ryan of the Houston Business Journal yesterday concerning the upcoming Crowdfunding Cruise 2013. Here’s the link to the article:

For more details or to register for the crowdfunding cruise symposium, go to